How to Participate

Browse Area

After entering the FX Arena you will be presented with countless available contests. In order to find the types of contests with the options that best suit your style and personal preference, simply use the Browse Area.

By using the Browse Area you can make personal preference choices based on Category, Type, Duration, Instruments, and Ticket price.

The options you select will be reflected in the Contest List below, which is updated automatically with every choice you make.

Select a Contest

In the Contest List you can review all available contests and make your selection. Please note that the contests listed here are always based on the criteria selected above in the Browse Area.

Once you have found a contest of interest and would like to select it, simply click on it.

To the right of the contest list you will see the details of any specific contest you have highlighted from the contest list.

Go to Contest

Click on the “Go to Contest” link situated below the Content Characteristics.

You will then be directed to the unique Contest page of the specific contest you have selected.

Each contest has its own specific page which shows all the details of the contest and also allows you to interact with other participants of this contest.


Click on the “Register” button in order to secure your place in the chosen contest.

After registering, the button will then change to provide you with the option to “Unregister” if the need arises to do so. Please note that after the contest starts you cannot unregister.

After you have registered you will notice that you will be provided with login credentials.

Find MT4 Credentials

The specific MT4 credentials that are displayed here are needed in order to take part in the contest at the designated starting point.

Please note that the credentials will only appear after you have Registered to participate in the contest, and can only be used for that specific contest.

Your password always remains the same as what you specified when opening your FX Arena account.

The server name Fx Arena also stays the same and must be selected from the server dropdown list of the MT4 platform. If it is not listed, you will need to ensure that you are using the correct version of the MT4 platform which can be downloaded here.

Login to MT4 and Compete

To participate in any contest you will need to login to the MT4 platform by using the MT4 credentials displayed on the Contests page.

Please take care to ensure that all credentials are entered correctly. It is recommended that you use the copy and paste technique to ensure no mistakes are made.

If the contest has not yet started, you will notice that the platform will be set to 'read only' status until the contest starts.

Once the contest has started, any trades placed in the MT4 by you or by other contestants of the specific contest, will also appear on the contest page. From there you can also use the chat facility and see the rankings for this contest in real time.