Contest Types

Contest Categories

Fixed Registrations

Contests in the Fixed Registrations category have a set number of required participants that must be fulfilled before the contest can start.


Contests categorized as Scheduled will start at a predetermined time as long as the minimum number of traders have registered to take part.

Contest Types

One vs One

Settle bitter rivalries or just challenge someone to a trading duel. These contests allow two participants to compete head to head.


If you are looking for some of the biggest cash winning opportunities in the arena, guaranteed contests are ideal for you. Each contest has a minimum guaranteed prize pool that will be shared amongst multiple winners according to trading performance.

Guaranteed contests also offer the ability to use the Top up and Push up features.

Ticket Prices

The ticket price is the amount required for any individual trader to participate in a contest.

As soon as you select to "Register" for a contest, the corresponding ticket price amount is deducted from your available balance. If, before the contest starts, you elect to "Unregister", the same amount will be immediately automatically returned to you with no charges or penalties.


All contests in this group have no ticket price.

Warm Up

These are contests which are either free or have a low ticket price. Winners of these contests qualify for contests with much higher ticket prices.


These contests have a ticket price ranging from 0 - $CD99.


These contests have a ticket price from $CD100 - $CD999.


These contests have a ticket price of over $CD1000.

Other Criteria


The available duration options represent the total duration of each contest from the moment they start.


You can select the instruments that will be trading in the contests.


It is possible to select contests where the use of EAs are either allowed or not allowed.