Getting Started

Step 1: Open FX Arena account

The first step towards being able to take part in forex contests is to open an FX Arena account.

During this stage you can select you own FX Arena nickname which will serve as your FX Arena identity, and is how you will be seen by other FX Arena members. It must be unique so use your imagination and think of something great.

Open an Account

Step 2: Download MT4 platform

Participation in FX Arena contests is carried out via the MT4 platform. Whilst you can register for contests as soon as you validate your account and login to the FX Arena, you cannot actually take part in any contests until you have downloaded and installed the MT4 platform.

Multiple MT4 platform options are offered, with support for both windows and mac operating systems, in addition to dedicated applications for the most widely used smartphones and tablets.

Download MT4
All Platforms

Step 3: Login to the FX Arena

Now that you have installed the MT4 platform of your choice and have a fully validated FX Arena account, you are ready to join the action and start taking part in FX Arena contests.

By logging in to the FX Arena you can browse all available contests, register to take part in as many contests as you like, and compete to win.

Login to Platform