Affiliate Program

The revolutionary FX Arena enables you as a Forex Affiliate or Introducing Broker to benefit in three distinct and equally valuable ways.

All of which are designed to give you a considerable advantage over your competitors and lead to significantly greater earnings from your referred clients.

How It Works

  • Register to become an FX Arena affiliate
  • Promote the FX Arena using free marketing material
  • Earn unlimited commissions on all contests played by your clients
  • Refine your marketing campaigns based on statistics and real-time data
  • Attract even more clients and earn even larger commissions

If you’re a Forex Affiliate or Introducing Broker and you’ve been looking for something to give you an edge over the others in this business and attract more clients – FX Arena is the solution for you.

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The most profitable forex partnership program

1. Earn Lifetime Commissions from all Contests

As an affiliate you will earn a percentage revenue share on all contests played in the FX Arena by your referred clients. FX Arena contests have a ticket price that participants need to pay in order to enter any contest. From the ticket price, 90% goes directly to the prize pool and approximately 10% is retained by the FX Arena. Affiliates then receive 30% of this 10% in return for referring their client to the FX Arena, and by extension to the contest they have paid to participate in.


  • Let’s say you have 20 clients
  • Each client participates in 5 contests per day with a ticket price of $100 + $10
  • You will earn a commission of $3 (30% of $10) on each contest played by each client
  • That’s $15 per client x 20 clients = $300 a day
  • There’s an average of 20 trading days in a month, so based on this example you could expect to earn monthly commissions of $6,000

For every client of yours that registers and takes part in the Big Big, we will pay you an extra $10 as a special bonus. This is in addition to the commissions you will earn from the ticket price paid by each client to participate in the event.

Promote the monthly Big Big contest to all of your clients to maximise your earning potential with massive rewards.

2. Attract Traders – Build up your Client Database

The FX Arena is the most exciting and original tool available in the forex industry today for sourcing new clients to build a solid database of forex traders. The more clients you are able to attract and refer to FX Arena, the more you stand to earn. As traders from all over the world discover the prize winning potential the FX Arena holds, they are eager to register and join the action. This makes it easy to attract new clients and develop your business.

The FX Arena affiliate program allows you to export the email addresses of your referred clients to then promote the forex broker of your choice and generate an additional commission based income from these leads. By doing so you double the commissions you make from each client: there are the commissions you earn from contests and the commissions you earn on traditional forex trading.

3. Special Contests for your Clients

Engage your clients in exclusive contests that feature your company name. You have the power to set your own trading conditions and rules for these private contests that can only be accessed by your clients. See the illustration below as an example of how your contests would be featured in the FX Arena:

Such contests look great for the image of your business, and since your clients will happily pay to participate in them; this will earn you even more in commissions.